Advanced Security Ideas for Complete Premises Security

The winds of transition from the traditional to technological are sweeping across businesses to life styles. With increased breakthroughs in innovations and innovative solutions, the mundane has moved out to cede place to the contemporary. And there is no field which is left untouched by this tectonic change.

Property protection infrastructure sector has been a relatively placid area so far. People and businesses have been habituated to using the age-old protective gears for securing their properties and assets. Barbed wire fencing was the most commonly used consumable and was considered a highly efficient periphery protection gear for properties. With the introduction of the concept of power fencing, new vistas have been opened up. With more and more coming to realise that it is a far better and effective fencing solution, the demand for power fencing has grown substantially over the years. It also triggered the innovative to tap and use solar power for fences and the world has not been the same again!

Solar Fencing, as the name suggests, is propelled by energy from Sun and as such does not need heavy maintenance expenditure for the users. Like power fencing, solar fencing too administers a sharp but not lethal shock to intruders when they come into contact with the fence. The shock immobilizes the attempted robber or animal, thereby effectively stalling theft.

The inbuilt alarm system goes off as soon as the fence is touched and the user or the inmates of the protected area can swing into action to nab the offender. Solar fencing acts as a strong psychological barrier for offenders. Over time the very sight of a solar fence will scare away the intruders even when the fence is not in ON mode.

Solar Fencing is a round-the-clock-active fencing solution as it is designed to work on solar energy with back up to fall back upon during nights and cloudy times. It is a cost-effective fencing and protection system which is compatible across diverse uses like residential properties, industrial establishments, community housing projects, farm house, agricultural farms, godown and storage facilities, high alert and restricted areas like Defence establishments etc.


Essentially, a solar fencing is supplied continuous flow of energy from the basic building block of the system – the Energizer. It taps energy stored in the DC battery which is aggregated from the sun rays by photovoltaic cell panel. The easy to install and handle solar panel can be placed anywhere provided it gets unrestricted sunlight on a continuous basis. As it captures light from sun and processes it, it becomes the heart of the system.

Battery is another important component of the solar power fencing system. It stores the power drawn from the photovoltaic panel. It feeds the energizer with alternate current which in turn electrifies the solar fence.

As with other types of electric fence systems it is important to ground your solar electric fence. The grounding system, as it is called, must be robust and well-erected to be effective.



  • Ease of installation and use
  • Low Maintenance Costs
  • Protects properties without life-danger to intruders
  • Not needed to be charged all the time

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