Future of Marketing: The New 4P's For Success

Future of Digital Marketing

Effective marketing has lately become one of the most challenging jobs. Marketers not only require inventive and logical minds but also need to be always up-to-date with the frequently changing marketing scene. To manage a successful business is like cracking a hard nut. To understand and reach modern consumers is a difficult process that involves regulating your efforts to modern trends. You would never like to lag behind after spending years on learning Marketing Strategies. Popular marketing theories of Product, Price, Place, and Promotion are not effective and valid anymore. You must deal with this truth. The Future of Digital Marketing requires evolving at a tremendous speed and you will lose if you do not tag along.

The most victorious brands do not offer physical products and services, but genuine emotions and experiences. Coca-Cola and Pizza Hut sell happiness, Nike and Adidas inspire you to chase your dreams, Unilever sells beauty, and Apple endows you with status and reputation. This is why people opt for these big and reputed brands. So let's talk about the four new Ps these brands follow for their ever-increasing and ever-lasting success:

  • Power of Data,
  • Personalization,
  • Phygital, and
  • Platform.

Power of Data is Future of Digital Marketing

Just as football coaches and players can exploit the power of data to escort them to victory, your business can assemble, evaluate, and perform on consumer data to develop the way you promote your goods and services. But with infinite probable data to follow and examine, it can be difficult to know where to initiate.

Companies must form a band of data experts, analytics experts, and consumer experts to find a key that helps their company to rise above the competition. Basically, this team is comprised of three groups:

• Data jockeys or initial lineup to plan and operate big data sets for scrutiny

• Data scientists who can comprehend modern research methods and can establish both easy and compound data models

• Business consultants who can communicate your company’s queries and targets with the accurate research methods

Personalization is Future of Digital Marketing

Personalization has varying values to different marketers. There are clients who consider product proposal and geo-targeted bid as dominant methods. Then, there are others who take it to a different level by screening personalization from a data-driven perspective. For them, every consumer contact should be optimized. Consumer behavioral data, real-time data, and even intermediary audience data are used to personalize an absolute profile for the growth of businesses. Data-driven mindset can reach all corners of a business, updating departments and commitments far ahead of the conventions of marketing and research.

Personalization when driven by data always performs, and your aim should be to make it function even better. This is something every modern consumer expects from you. About 85% of consumers expect personalization as a standard quality, with prospects ranging from recognizing past purchases to knowing how long they have been a consumer.

Phygital is Future of Digital Marketing

Phygital is the creation of a method where a person reaches the peak of decision making. It is about combining the physical and digital to form a network between a brand and its consumers. The Phygital challenges the falling approach of traditional marketing. It creates integrated marketing that exists fluently between real and virtual worlds.

When it comes to your marketing plans, you can make use of phygital campaigns to digitally engage your consumers while they are in your store. This can be done before or after they purchase a product, by sending digital coupons to your customers when they enter your store. You can provide your customers with QR codes to avail discounts and install big display screens throughout the store for better product experience. By using digital methods, you can shape your customer’s physical experience.

The platform is Future of Digital Marketing

A platform can be defined as a foundation or an interface that operates to reach a large population to promote your product and services. Digital Marketing and social media management companies are very helpful in establishing a platform for your business. A platform is something that helps you promote your business through:

  • Social media platforms like Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook

  • Online marketing in the form of email, text messaging, and audio-visual services

  • Marketing in the form of blogs, articles, and contents

  • AdWords by Google

  • Advertisements in televisions, newspapers, and radio

If you want to launch a product in the market, then you will need to choose an effective platform to promote it and spread your word in public.


Discovering those who assume and react like your best consumers is the latest “definite goal” for successful companies. If we contain effective data from the past about tactics that work and those that do not work, we can create a strategy to discover patterns that can craft a real difference. You can boost your business with the help of Social Media Management Company and SEO services. The market, technology, and consumer behavior have certainly changed. Modifying your marketing plans to these 4 Ps will effectively bring success to your business.

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