How Much Does an eCommerce App Development Cost

Mobile apps are great marketing tools for any organization that seeks to penetrate a large consumer base. This is because the world has advanced with technology and so has the whole retail industry. Moreover, this is the age of smartphones.

Mobile phones are not just devices to send a message or make a call. Not anymore. Now everything, from watching news to shopping to banking, is through mobile apps. So, it is very important to develop a mobile-friendly product to stay ahead in the game.

Ecommerce businesses also need to move beyond their websites and into creating their own apps. Having a shopping app to support an ecommerce website is important for an ecommerce business. Because different apps require different kinds of skills for creation, an ecommerce app, which needs to contain some essential features, is therefore a little more complicated to design. Ecommerce app development cost is more than the basic mobile app development cost. Investment in an ecommerce app is a good strategy as its rewards in the long run are huge and many.

These are a few benefits of investing in ecommerce app development:

  • High Utility: Mobile phones play a major role in our everyday life and make daily tasks easier, in many fields. The development of a splendid ecommerce mobile app allows for robust communications between the customers and the company.
  • Company’s Very Own Marketing Channel: Apps are downloaded because they have to be used. So, marketing messages delivered through these apps are more likely to receive a more positive response than those sent through other marketing channels like email. Ecommerce sites can help create more customer loyalty by sending out discounts and offers to app users by push notifications.
  • Data Collection Tool: Businesses can collect useful information about customers through their app usage. This helps in determining consumer behavior, which can help the company offer personalized promotions to different users.
  • A Means to Increase Brand Awareness: Businesses can broaden the visibility of their brand through the use of apps. With the help of intuitive and stylish apps that deliver customized promotional messages, businesses can connect with their clients on a personal level.

Now let us get on to how much an ecommerce app development costs. There are several factors that play a role.

The Platform

Mobile app development cost can vary based on the platform. Different app platforms allow access to different combinations of demographic variables. You have to be aware of where exactly your target audience is. The more platforms you wish to cover, the more money you would have to spend. It is great to build an app for all platforms. However, it is better to start on one platform to test your idea and then extend it to other platforms. This way your risk of losing money would be minimized.

Apps can be developed for various devices, and depending on the platform and devices you select, your cost varies. In the case of Indian customers, the Android market share is approximately 97% of the total smartphone market share, while the remaining is estimated to be the iOS market share.

The cost also depends on whether the app is native, hybrid, or web-based. Native apps can be installed directly and worked on without the need for a network connection, web-based apps require an active internet connection, and hybrid apps contain the attributes of both native and web-based apps. Among these, native apps are the most costly, but superior when it comes to functionalities. To get the best utility, which increases the sales potential of the app, it’s advisable to go for native apps.


The Features

Features contribute to the cost of the app. The amount of features and functionalities can drastically raise or lower the cost of app development. On the basis of the type of features, the cost varies.

For a simple app, basic features like the use of e-mail and task lists camera are sufficient. An ecommerce app needs many more features like payments/check-out, login and registration mechanism, filters, social media plugins, GPS or location tracking, digital payment, gallery, and email. The additional functionality of your ecommerce app adds up to the cost.

You should have a list of functionalities and features you want in the app that you can share with the ecommerce app development company.

App Design

How an app looks and feels sets the first impression in the mind of the user. The Amazon app was able to reach a large number of users due to its simple and attractive design. The good design is a result of use of advanced skills and technologies, which is a bit more expensive. You should always invest on an attractive interface.

The following are the main people involved in app development, and their role is also important in deciding the cost of the app. The better skill you opt for, the higher would be the cost.

Developer: A developer is the main person who creates a code base for an app. He is responsible for the proper working of the app. It is of great importance to employ a good developer as he or she is the primary person responsible for the success of the app.

Designer: Designers work on the User Interface (UI) and look of the app. They design and bring together each component of the app.

Manager: A manager takes care of the client end and manages every work essential for the app development. The Project Manager manages the entire project. They supervise each aspect of an app’s development and design and overlook the quality analysis. They stay constantly in touch with the clients to answer their queries and work together with the designers and developers to be certain that your input is paid attention to and your desired features are implemented.

So considering all these factors, on an average, the development of an ecommerce app costs somewhere between $30,000 and $170,000. As mentioned before, the adaptability of its design, the level of intricacy in the development, as well as the platform of the app are the main aspects that influence the cost of developing an app.

Based on the method of billing, the time taken to create an ecommerce app may as well contribute to the cost. Android apps take more time to develop in comparison to apps on other platforms. Spending money on the creation of an app is a good strategy for any ecommerce business.

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