iOS App Development Trends to Follow in 2018

Apple is one of the leading smartphone manufacturers in the world. It is a remarkable piece of trivia to note that the worldwide famous Apple Inc. has marketed over 140 million iPhones globally in 2017. This massive number states dimensions of the growing popularity of iPhone enthusiasts from all over the world. Therefore, it seems to be a sensible move for all the iOS app development companies to be aware of the modern trends that they can expect to surface by the close of 2018.

iOS has continually been one of the most standard and widespread mobile platforms. A majority of the mobile app development companies consider iOS as the ideal platform for app development. Therefore, iOS app development is not going to lose its appeal and admiration in the near future. Since the commencement of iOS, there has been several technological trends. These trends have been crucial for iPhone app developers and will continue to run the app market.

Considering the iPhone app development parameters that the iOS app developers receive throughout the year, Apple’s declarations and unveilings at The Apple Worldwide Developers Conference 2017, and the innovative apps that are gaining popularity, here is an array of trends that will be launched in 2018.

Swift 4 :

The application and assimilation of Swift technology in the iOS platform are not veiled. It is a software development language developed by Apple that provides support to the iOS and the Linux operating system. Besides, it can also be pre-assembled for both tvOS and macOS. It is designed as an upgraded form of Swift 3.

Swift 4 is a robust programming language that is simple to study and is celebrated for its scalable and strong security. It offers a lot to iPhone app developers. Primarily, the development of apps will become effectively simpler, and secondly, it will consume or occupy a lesser device memory.

Thus, with inputs from Swift 4, iPhone app development will be safer and faster in 2018.

Artificial Intelligence :

Ever since Apple introduced Siri, its personal assistant, it has earned considerable reputation globally. Siri has definitely brought a crucial enhancement in the spheres of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and contextual learning because it comprehends what people speak and search.

Furthermore, it has facilitated successfully in discovering answers to significant questions. In addition, it also provides a GPS pin, which aids you to obtain an access to the Citi Mobile App for providing service as a task manager.

Therefore, the usefulness and significance of Siri have allowed it to become a favorite and celebrated entity.

Machine Learning Framework :

Core ML, which is the machine learning structure of Apple, helps in creating some of the most judicious mobile apps with extravagant features.

With Core ML, iOS app developers can produce some of the most sizzling and exclusive mobile apps by providing only limited lines of codes along with the structure code. With the assistance of Core ML, iOS app development companies have the authority to incorporate features like face detection, barcode reading, location tracking, and object tracking.

There are several archives in Core ML for detecting faces, developing AI games, and processing natural language, which would ultimately revolutionize the way we interact with our devices.

Because of the facial detection feature, the security constraints in iOS apps would go to another level. This would allow the gaming industry to observe the real world of gaming and to assimilate interactive features.

Augmented Reality :

The incorporation of Augmented Reality was previously discussed at the Apple conference in 2017. In 2018, Augmented Reality will make it enormous in the development market since the Augmented Reality Kit has been made consistent with Amazon's Sumerian app platform.

With this enhanced platform, iOS app development companies can effortlessly create Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality integrated 3D iOS apps. Mechanized by an AR viewer, the latest versions of Apple devices provide VR experiences, permitting you to enter any simulative atmosphere with maximum ease. You can use both your smartphone and a VR headset to relish the real-life experience of a utopian world that you always desired to be a part of.

Indisputably, 2018 is going to be a great deal for Augmented Reality because iOS app developers will use their skills to exhibit their AR development proficiency. 2018 will attract more audience to enjoy iPhone apps.

Apple HomeKit :

iPhones have become future-ready devices by addressing the security issues with regard to the connectivity of IoT devices to smartphones. No doubt, the Apple HomeKit is one of Apple’s most innovative creations developed for the purpose of home automation. Thus, iOS devices will be interacting with one another, with Siri as their commander! Now that's what we can call the advancement of technology.

With the help of this futuristic technology, iOS app developers will be able to create apps in the future that can be connected with devices. This will strengthen IoT networks.

Apple Pay :

With the boom in e-commerce, the traditional cash and card payment methods are slowly getting replaced with Apple Pay, a relatively easier and more efficient mobile payment method. Apple Pay will support all iOS devices.

This technology is greatly secured for hassle-free payments. For these reasons, an incredible hike of about 500% has been observed on transactions using Apple Pay, with about 2 million small businesses accepting invoices using Apple Pay.

You can even book flight tickets and make hotel reservations. What makes the technology even more interesting and unique is that you can make money transactions through messages.

Thus, we may possibly say that 2018 is going to observe some of the most auspicious iPhone mobile apps. Recognition of Apple’s outstanding development trends will help the iOS app developers to provide users with remarkable services and experiences. To stay ahead in the cutthroat app market, now is the suitable time to begin with iPhone app development with newest trends.

The unveiling of iOS 11.3 has established high hopes for Apple users. Hence, it is highly suggested that if you require a unique iPhone mobile app to project your business objectives, you get your iPhone app developed by one of the prominent iOS app development companies. These highly effective developments will ultimately make way for a convenient tomorrow. Moreover, this will allow the keen lovers of iPhones to simplify and facilitate their lives in different ways.

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